Question by  mturkme (17)

What are some easy Sunday School games for five year olds?


Answer by  NickSharp (9)

My priest used to play this really strange one that some of the kids liked. I forget though cause he's in jail now. Play duck duck goose or red rover.


Answer by  whothefckisthat (154)

On a hot summer day, water balloons is a refreshing and fun game to play. You can also play pretend with their toys. The old-school "tag" can also be played while adding your own little twists and variations to the game.


Answer by  Syron (79)

There's this one game. Children form a circle and say numbers but when you say a particular number, then you get kicked out. e. g 1 is out. so. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,20,22,23.. See There must be not a single 1 in the numbers. This is really really fun!


Answer by  DBEST (110)

Duck, Duck Goose is a good game for children. This age group will also enjoy games such as Simon Says or Pretend.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Bible picture match games. Making necklaces with bible figures. Sing songs. Have a bible coloring event. Watch Veggie Tales on a certain topic for the day.


Answer by  Baumkuchen (22)

Playing puzzle is good to train childs brain. Or playing Nintendo Wii is a good alternative, you can have fun while doing sports.

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