Question by  samar (124)

What are little league rules about the number of coach visits to the pitchers mound?


Answer by  tayizzydjcolt (54)

In tee ball the coach stays on the field. With the older kids age 9 and above our league rules are that a coach is only allowedto visit the mound twice before you have to change pitchers.


Answer by  Beefcake (23)

Some little league rules state that coaches can visit the pitcher's mound only once every inning until a change of pitcher is required, while others say the coach is allowed two visits per inning. This rule varies depending on what state you are in, but the answer is one or two, depending.


Answer by  snb (23)

You are allowed one mound visit per inning per pitcher. If there is a 2nd mound visit in that inning for the same pitcher, the pitcher must be removed.


Answer by  pedro (142)

The coach is allowed two visits per inning for little league, on the third visit the pitcher has to be removed.


Answer by  Annief75 (246)

Little league rules are going to be different depending upon the ages of the children, whether it is t-ball, softball or baseball, and to which little league organization you belong to. Generally, little league rules for the under age 6 group are fairly flexible, with the older children 3 visits per inning is common.

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