Question by  protoman (24)

What are good flowers for a fall wedding that is held outdoors?


Answer by  SillyZilly (64)

My personal choice for Autumn wedding flowers would be Chrysanthemums, Zinnias and, of course, Roses. Pretty, colorful and simple, all these choices are available in an array of Fall colors and are readily available. Chrysanthemums and Zinnias, in particlar, are seasonal Fall blooms. Roses are always an elegant wedding option.


Answer by  pyritejenny (347)

One charming flower that comes in beautiful fall colors is the chrysanthemum. Mums are available in yellow, rust, golden, and red, all the shades of autumn, as well as pastels and white. They come in many forms too, from casual to formal, from dense pincushion to lacy spider.


Answer by  LisaM (61)

It is always advisable to choose flowers for the wedding according to the season, along with your personal choice. I would choose a variety of purple Iris's, white Carnations and Yellow Narcissus. as far as greenery i also would throw in some ivy and some Blue Spruce


Answer by  AnitaJay (107)

My wedding was held outside, on a street corner, at the end of September. I was concerned about what flowers would be available. We used roses, orchids and daisies as decoration. I carried chrysantheums, a couple of zinnia and some fuchsia in my bouquet. It was sweet.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Fall wedding flowers should be simple and vibrant. Often brides of fall weddings will carry bright roses, carnations or lillys. Something that is in the color of fall and can bring out the reason you wanted a fall wedding.


Answer by  Scott (109)

I would recommend mums, black-eyed Susans, asters, and even fall leaves in shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown in the autumn.

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