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Question by  anand (36)

How much naproxen should I take for root canal pain?


Answer by  sunshine (41)

You should take Naproxen before the anesthetic wears off and then continue to take as directed by your doctor. You are best to consult with your doctor on how much you should take. The inital dose should be around 600mg at 2x a day for 2 to 4 days. But not to take any longer than 4 days.


Answer by  Traci (55)

As with all medications, you should take it as prescribed by your physician. The pharmisist will give you detailed written instructions regarding everything you need to know about taking your medicine. You can also call a 24 hour pharmacy anytime and ask to speak to a pharmicist about medication safety.


Answer by  xazurianx (330)

You should never take medication more often than indicated by it's label or by your physician. Doing so can lead to overdose and a lot of unwanted side-effects. If the suggested maximum dosage isn't alleviating the pain I suggest speaking with your physician and discuss trying a different medication.


Answer by  Ginakeys (178)

Generally, up to 1,000 mg/day; that is, 500 mg twice per day. (Note: If taken with Vicodin (contains acetaminophen), then you should take less naproxen, (say 375 mg twice a day, or less if you have liver problems. ) Be sure that you consult your treating doctor or dentist for medical advice, though!


Answer by  Anonymous

How much time taken in the root canal

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