Question by  mrsb (76)

How long do teeth that were knocked loose take to heal?


Answer by  PiperHaley (110)

You had better get yourself to a dentist, oral surgeon or hospital emergency room really quickly to get them bonded back into your gums or you will lose the teeth.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Once teeth become loose they normally fall out because there is damage to the root. A tooth will not heal.


Answer by  Nic (99)

If they are your baby teeth don't worry. Permanent teeth, go see your dentist. They should heal on their own. Don't eat or chew anything hard.


Answer by  carly01 (33)

A loosened tooth may take quite some time to heal, it differs from person to person, and also depends on the cause. It may take one week to one year.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well if its a baby tooth then it can be replanted if its permanent teeth then it can also be replanted just go to your dentist as soon as possible.Do not eat anything that is hard like steak or candy wait for it to heal.

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