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Question by  clyn (51)

How does calcium work to make your teeth stronger?


Answer by  ChrisMPJ (91)

Calcium helps promote good tooth enamel. The stronger your tooth enamel the better your teeth will be and be resistant to cavities and decay. It is especially important in early years as teeth are developing.


Answer by  ScienceNerd (84)

The hardest substance in the human body is enamel. Enamel is found on the outermost layer of normal healthy teeth. Calcium phosphate is the molecule that makes up enamel.


Answer by  Fernando (13)

Calcium penetrates the tooth and forms a barrier that makes it stronger and helps them to prevent caries and defects.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Calcium is good for your bone health. It makes your jaw bone stronger which in return will make your teeth stronger. Milk is very good for you and your body, and really good for your teeth. Calcium is one of the vitamins, and nutrients that your teeth need to survive in your mouth from the plaque.


Answer by  Anonymous

teeth are teeth doesn't matter what are what

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