lawn mowers


Question by  Boone (29)

How do you rewind a lawn mower pull?


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Remove the top half of the mower casing. Inside is the mechanism with a simple cord . Its best to buy a new cord then rewind tightly and reassemble.


Answer by  Lorrennon (79)

you must remove the recoil assembly. After doing so remove the rope. Rewind by hand in the direction the rope pulls until it wont go any further. Allow it to back up until the rope holes are aligned. Reinstall the rope. When you release tension the rope will be rewound.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

Disassemble the pull housing, the cord should wrap around a hub which connects to the motor shaft, there may also be a return spring, this may need to be replaced.

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