Question by  Allstar (2071)

How do you play the game "Cat's Cradle?"


Answer by  rlb3 (86)

The 'Cat's Cradle' is normally a two player game that involves the transfer of a loop of string, to form specific symmetrical patterns between the fingers of each player.


Answer by  BobTwist (37)

The game of "Cat's Cradle" is played by 2 people and a piece of string with the ends tied together to form a circle who make shapes using their hands and pass it back and forth. There are many detailed sites on the internet to help you learn the moves.


Answer by  mcreents (102)

The first player wrapping a loop of string around the hand and taking one side of the string. This player performs the last two moves of Opening. taking the string onto the first finger of their right hand, They loop on the inside of the hand and repeat.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Start with a piece of string with the ends tied together. Make the cat's cradle base, and then work the puzzles from there. Juat two people and a string.

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