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Question by  afree01 (128)

How do you get an Eon ticket on Pokemon Ruby?

I can't get it to work!


Answer by  CCG (92)

In short, you don't; not without cheating. These tickets were given out at special nintendo events as an in game item. However these items are no longer given out. You can however obtain one by using an action replay or a gameshark. These are devices that hack into the game, and allow you to do what every you want.


Answer by  moonbunnychan (34)

The Eon ticket can't be normally obtained in game. When current, you had to go to either an official Nintendo event or be given a promotional e-reader card.


Answer by  JennWDW (79)

Unfortunately, teir are no (likely) legitamate ways of obtaining the eon ticket in pokemon ruby. There was a promo in japan, but at this point, you should just use Gameshark/AR.


Answer by  David124344444444 (10)

A Nintendo event(it has passed already unfortunately) or mixing records with someone that has one. so you have to find someone who has one so it sounds really hard to get one

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