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Question by  Trony (15)

What should I do after beating Elite 4 on Pokemon Ruby?


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

There are still many things you can do after beating Elite 4: catch all the legendaries, look for Rayquaza in Skypillar, and train your Pokemon!


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

Train your Pokemon all the way to level 100 to be an ultimate Pokemon master or you can participate in the beauty contests and win prizes.


Answer by  diane3626 (26)

Once you restart the game you'll end up back in your room. Head downstairs and talk to your dad. He'll give you the SS Ticket, which allows you to travel on the ferry between Slateport and Lilycove.


Answer by  Mario31 (136)

If you have beaten the Elite 4, then you can attempt to catch all the Pokemon in the game. If you have an appetite for competition, then you can join the Smogon community, where you can battle other like-minded players to be the best you can be, or have fun.


Answer by  raze (78)

After beating the Elite 4 in Pokemon Ruby there is not really much else to do. When I beat the elite four I continued on my quest to capture all of the remaining pokemon that I had not already captured. There's really not much else to do after the elite four is defeated.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

You should try to catch all the Pokemon in the game. If you need help there are plenty of guides on the internet.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

You can always go back through the map to finish fighting any trainers to get experience points or try to collect the rare Pokemon.


Answer by  Anonymous


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