Question by  Joshhughes (24)

How do you convert pal to ntsc?


Answer by  MISgrad (29)

You can convert PAL to NTSC using either a software converter or a hardware converter. A software converter will take a source PAL-format video file and output an NTSC-compliant version. A hardware converter will accept the input of a PAL video stream and output an NTSC video stream in real-time.


Answer by  Anth94 (14)

You need to download a program called IFOEDIT. This software makes it possible to change every single file on your dvd from pal to ntsc.


Answer by  techgeek (98)

You need something called a "standards converter". This can be hardware, like a multi-format VCR or DVD player, or it can be software to convert files. Usually quite expensive.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The easiest way to convert Pal to NTSC is with a program that converts video on your computer, I use a program called TOAST for the Imac and when I burn video I set the program TOAST to save everything in NTSC since that is the more preferred video format.


Answer by  DCGwyn (59)

In order to convert pal to ntsc the person must have a converter program that will change the pal over. One converter that can be used is TMPGEnc Xpress.


Answer by  emer30 (27)

You may already know that PAL is the analog TV while NTSC is used almost exclusively in North America. Use Nero recode or AviSynth to convert PAL to NTSC.


Answer by  Ragetip (77)

Naturally you can't do that if you don't have some program to do this. I suggest to use some program like IFOEDIT,Nero Vision,Intervideo DVD Creator. The most recent ones of course!


Answer by  nugzin2040 (48)

You can't convert pal to ntsc. You can, however download free dvd players that will run both pal and ntsc dvd's on your computer.


Answer by  pcguy (307)

video convertion is done by either using an adapter or software. In your case software seems to be your best option.

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