Question by  hans (38)

How can I get paid to play games?


Answer by  baumillerkyle (29)

The best and most promising way is to go to college and learn to design the video games. You have test the games and get paid more to make them. Plus you get to make the games from your own mind with your creative ideas.


Answer by  Jinx1337 (25)

I believe the only way to get paid to play games is to become sponsored by a company. If you are good enough at a particular game such as HALO, you may be asked to join a league such as MLG (Major League Gaming). They offer monetary compensation in return for you playing a game for them in tournaments.


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

If you become very good at a particular video game, you can actually get compensated for your time by becoming a video game tester.

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