Question by  unitypark (1)

Does a message on my screen "computer affected" mean I have spyware?

I was told to clean it out through safe boot


Answer by  glennerd (38)

If it is a web pop up then maybe not. If it is your anti-virus giving this message then yes you probably have some spyware. Reformatting your computer will probably be the your best bet. A safe boot and removing the spyware using a anti-virus might work but no guarantees.


Answer by  duneraider21 (149)

This could be a hijacking virus program that is causing these pop ups. So essentially, it could mean you have spyware/malware/viruses, etc. I would download a free virus scanner such as Superantispyware and clean your system through "safe mode. "


Answer by  abc25 (196)

If the "computer affected" message came from a web browser pop-up window, then it is most likely just an advertisement. To truly verify if you have spyware installed, you need to download and install an anti-spyware program and perform a complete scan of your computer.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if you have a anti-virus program then possibly. If it was a pop up on a website then probably not.

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