Question by  smoc46 (26)

Do retailers still sell Buzz Lightyear Bedding?

I saw it a lot when the movie was around but not so much anymore.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

It would be hard to find in a store somewhere. More than likely, this is something that you will have to find on the internet.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, yes they do as Buzz Lightyear gear is still in style. Visit Kmart or Zellers and they are sure to have some. I mean its not as prevalent as before, but you may be lucky to find something.


Answer by  mama86 (245)

Since there is a new Toy story movie coming out this year you can find toy story bedding again. Check out places like sears, toys r' us and other department stores. It has made a return and you can find toy story things everywhere just keep your eyes open and you won't miss it.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Yes, they do sell it. If not in stores near you, definitely with online retailers. They have to make room in stores for the next animated movie merchandise. There is another Toy Story movie coming out next June so they should have Buzz Lightyear bedding in stores within the next year.


Answer by  DiegosMom (66)

You will be able to find Buzz Lightyear bedding now that the new movie is due out soon. The Target Flier had Toy Story Bed Set for I believe 29.99.

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