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Question by  AJ47 (23)

Can you tell me how to set valves on a 14.5 Brigg?


Answer by  mb (5482)

You will have to remove the engine from the cowling. On the blade side of the engine you will see 2 hoses entering the carberator. The valves are on the underside of these hoses. You can adjust them with a simple flat headed screwdriver, pretty easy except for getting at them.


Answer by  theblip (295)

Remove the valve covers to start off your little DIY project. Use something to catch the oil that will drip out. Locate and take off the spark plugs. Put the engine at 1/4" past the TDC. Loosen the locknut and adjust the torxscrew and then replace everything again.

Reply by jeyR (264):
Just in case you're wondering TDC= Top Dead Center! I'll also add that the accepted setting is. 003" on the intake and. 005" on the exhaust. All the best with your project - it's not very difficult, but can cause a little mess!  add a comment

Answer by  ross1976 (196)

Get your hands on the Briggs & Stratton repair manual. The Briggs & Stratton website also has a lot of info on how to trouble shoot and repair their products. You'll find both these very useful to work on your 14. 5 valves.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

There are many online forums that will walk you through the process of setting the valves on your 14. 5 Briggs. Basically you will need to remove the spark plugs and then take off the valve cover. Next you will need to adjust the clearances and put everything back together again.

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