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Question by  jaspat28 (78)

Can you help me troubleshoot my Cub Cadet mower which won't start?


Answer by  tiffanya (14)

You may want to consider checking the fuel pump, or fuel filter could be clogged or you could check the coil wire. Also check the starter, battery terminals, and ignition switch.There is a possibility your carborator might have trash in it.

posted by Anonymous
you chould sea if your getting fire to the spark plug first then go to the fuel sistmon check the senter post on your stater to check fore 12 volts or a 12 volt lite should if you got volts there if you do check spark plug wire and plug.  add a comment

Answer by  Brad37 (113)

Start with the simplest things; verify that the mower has fuel, has been primed if applicable, and that the throttle, choke and any possible safe-guards are in the proper position to start the mower. If it still does not start, check the air filter to ensure it's not clogged. If it still won't start professional service is probably necessary.


Answer by  Peter1995 (103)

There might be bad oil in it. Get new oil, or if it is a two-cycle engine, go to a mechanic and get a gas-oil mix. That should work.


Answer by  olddog57 (4)

20A fuse for solenoid p/n 725-1426a keeps blowing


Answer by  Anonymous

won't fire


Answer by  Anonymous

key wont turn over to start tractor

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