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Question by  sue (17)

What information can you provide to me on a magneto charging system on a Briggs and Stratton?

I need help with my lawn mower.


Answer by  Steve1712 (28)

The Magnet charger System consists of a gear driven starter motor. The switch stops the engine by grounding the magneto primary circuit through the connector clipped on the engine shroud. If the connector comes free from its clip the magneto is denied ground but the engine will conyinue to still run regardless of the switch setting.


Answer by  xeroblade56 (97)

The magneto charging system is built into the flywheel of the motor to produce AC power to the engine. The reason that most small engine makers use this instead of a alternator is because the alternator requires fast airflow and hate water, which normally these engines dont get'.


Answer by  elden (116)

Magnetos produce electricity for spark plugs without the aid of a battery. If the mower won't start, generally a new spark plug will do the trick. Check connections first.


Answer by  Learner (350)

Magneto is electrical generator where current is produced in coil, when the magnet moves past the armature. Using the magnetic field, a high voltage fed to spark plug is generated.


Answer by  helper3692 (100)

a magneto works off the flywheel of the motor. The flywheel has a magnet imbedded in it. If the magnet becomes dirty or out of adjustment it will fail.


Answer by  Anonymous

i have a 18hp brigg&stratton eng. i put on a 36''bobcat ransome i trun key on it run i trun key off it does not kill eng

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