Question by  bmr0080 (37)

Will it be expensive to have someone repair the plastic water tube to the refrigerator?


Answer by  trmelchi (34)

If the repairperson charges you an upfront service fee just to come to your house, the the repair will be expensive. If not, then the cost to repair/replace the water tube and the amount of time it takes to make the repair should not be expensive. Your biggest cost will be the labor.


Answer by  Dale (14)

No, It is a very economical repair. It is even more cost effective if you can do this yourself. The only tool that will be needed will be a pair of pliers. The quarter inch diameter tubing itelf is only about ten cent a foot. It is only a ten minute job to replace it completely.


Answer by  jdevlin (74)

The repair itself is very inexpensive and not very time consuming. The tube is available at any hardware or home improvement store. Compared to the cost of doing it yourself it would be expensive. The charge for just having come out to do the repair will probably be more than the cost of the labor and materials.


Answer by  gary23 (130)

You are better off repairing or replacing the line yourself. Why pay for a service call plus supplies and labor, when you can buy a repair kit at home depot or Lowes. Just cut the plastic water tube where is leaking and insert a coupling to both ends and clamped. Just like repairing a hole in a garden water hose.


Answer by  lazlong (51)

The water tube is commonly a flexible hose with reinforcement that connects using compression fittings on each end. It is easily replaced removed using a normal wrench. A new hose can easily be attached to the existing shutoff value on the supply side and then connected to the refrigerator. It should be a cheap and easy install.

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