Question by  thatsmartguy (15)

Will a guide to Everquest help someone who has never played it before?


Answer by  FrankFooter (96)

A guide will probably be helpful, so long as it is up-to-date and includes the most recent game patch information. However, the game itself includes many tutorials on how to get going, and the other players in the online community are often more than willing to help a newcomer become acquainted with the game and its many facets.


Answer by  jon757jonn (22)

Hey guys, I think a guide would overwhelmingly help someone new to Everquest. The game is involved with a very large world to adventure in. There are hidden caves in which you can gain higher levels of exp. You may need help navigating as well. You must have a guide.


Answer by  Tinyfoot (26)

Well, that depends. There are different classes and races that one can play on Everquest. A guide will no doubt give you an idea what to expect, but unless it is specific to the class and race you play it may not be that helpful.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

A guide to a video game can always help. It could be very useful to getting you to the same level as players who have been around longer.

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