Question by  Scott93 (119)

Why won't my PS 2 turn on when the power is on?


Answer by  dtalk (428)

If changing the wall socket won't work, most likely the power supply within the PS2 or a component fried. You will have to buy a new one.


Answer by  Badymaru (119)

If no lights turn on when you try to power it on even though you know it's connected to a working power-outlet, it's likely that your power cord is broken.


Answer by  Gavy (111)

There are multiple reasons that this could happen. If you are getting no light at all, the cheapest suggestion is to try a different power cord before doing anything drastic. It's possible that something inside is fried and you will have to have it repaired.


Answer by  vyshakh (11)

This may due to several reasons.One of the reason may be the low voltage power.Do check the device has adequate power supply. Or check the port of the PS2.

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