Question by  shar22one (11)

Why is my lcd screen pink?


Answer by  oconnell (29)

your screen has turned pink because the back light has become old. LCD monitors use a cold cathode bulb as the Back light source powered by an inverter. When the bulb become old, they start giving out a pink colored light. this can be fixed but you would have to contact your manufacturer.


Answer by  JQuick (20)

Your LCD screen may be pink because a loose connection. You should check your wires and if not that than perhaps a wire is broken or the screen itself may be broken. If your screen is still pink after checking your connections then you should try going to a computer repair store, or asking an expert.


Answer by  jacko (5)

Either the back light has become old or a connection is loose somewhere, tint or color settings could be wrong, manual interference or it is perhaps simply just defective. Probably best to ask an expert. Good luck!


Answer by  heloo98 (51)

Many reasons: the tint or other color settings could be wrong, check your manual; interference (are there any strong magnets/speakers nearby) or it could even simply be defective.

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