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Question by  dsmith42 (371)

Why is my lawn mower surging?


Answer by  captaingold (42)

The lawn mower is basically a gas engine mounted on a metal pan with a sharp blade attached to the engines crankshaft. If a gas engine surges its a sign of fuel or air starvation. Check your gas tank to ensure enough fuel is present and then check the air filter for any restrictions.


Answer by  CycleStalker (57)

A surging lawn mower engine could mean it is starving for gas. Check the fuel tank, fuel filter (if it has one) and fuel line to make sure there are no blockages to the fuel flow. In the carburetor, check the jets, needle, and float mechanism for debris or buildup. Also check your air cleaner.


Answer by  scwriter007 (254)

A number of problems can cause surging. The most common is a lean fuel mixture caused by a dirty carburetor or a leaking intake manifold.

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