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Question by  Heather36 (3)

Why does my Honda Harmony lawn mower keep stalling?


Answer by  safnme3 (179)

Lawn mowers just like vehicles need tune ups. Most likely this is a carb issue. You will need to take the carb off and clean it. It also may be as simple as changing the spark plug or wire. These are the most common problems with any mower. You should try this first before spending major money.


Answer by  jstuhl (83)

There are a few reasons for a stalling lawnmower. The most common two would be a dirty or faulty spark plug and/or dirty carburetor and air filter. Try cleaning the spark plug. If this doesnt work, unscrew the fuel bowl under the carburetor and clean all of the components.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

It could be you're pushing it too fast, taking too much bite with the blades and stalling the engine. It could also be low on fuel. If it's got plenty of fresh gas, pull the spark plug. It should be coffee brown. If it isn't, replace the plug and rebuild the carburetor.


Answer by  julie87 (222)

That could be a few different things. For one it could be a bad spark plug or the spark plug connector needs to be cleaned it could also be a fuel line either is clogged or has a hole.


Answer by  TF35 (5)

well that could be one of many reasons. I would check the oil to make sure its lubricated. Then i would check the gasoline amount.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Well if it keeps stalling then it could be any one of two problems. One thing is maybe you don't have enough fuel in the motor itself and secondly there could be an defect in the motor. Number 2 is probably the case and in that event, you should contact Honda customer service.

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