Question by  Jason (18)

Why are images on my monitor all blurry?


Answer by  jansi (91)

The monitor won't be a problem. Reset the monitor into default settings and try to update and reinstall the video card driver. There might be changes in different resolution or refresh rate and may be loose connection in the cable connectors makes the images blurry.All the above are checked fine then there would be problem inside the monitor.


Answer by  LB (36)

It's possible that you need to replace your video card drivers. If your cables are in good shape and all connections are secure, it could be something more internal.


Answer by  Xisco21 (110)

You may have your computers screen resolution set to an unsupported mode for your monitor. Check this, and the refresh rate, match your monitors specifications.


Answer by  tiwtiw (16)

There are so many reasons. First it might be that your monitor is defective. Your video card is not working properly. There might me some software problems for your video card.


Answer by  Rolf (100)

You probably have developed Computer Vision Syndrome which is known as CVS. This disease is progressive. Over time your vision is going to become increasingly blurry.

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