Question by  6shoota (22)

Who makes the best toddler diapers?


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

In my experience the brand "luvs" makes the best diapers. I never had them leak, and they seem pretty comfortable and stretchy. I also never had an issue with rashes.


Answer by  dee64 (73)

In my opinion, Pampers and Huggies make the best toddler diapers. I have 2 children, ages 3.5 and 1.5 and with these 2 brands, I have never had a problem. I have never had a problem with leaking and they are reasonably priced. It is also easy to find coupons for these 2 particular brabds.


Answer by  habhab (20)

Obviously Pampers. My son is 2 years old and I have tried lots of diapers. Among them all, Iprefer Pampers Active fit to be the best. Active fit Pampers is the right choice for a toddler since that stage is when they are very active than any other stage. Next choice would be Huggies.


Answer by  2252525jena (282)

Hands down, I think huggies diapers are the best. The no name brands work reasonably well for the money. Pampers is the second best brand out there. They absorb quite well.


Answer by  Tina57 (7)

I believe that huggies diapers are the best at providing protection and comfort for a growing toddler, especially if they are bigger in size.

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