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Question by  mike45 (40)

Who makes the best portable radio?

I need really good reception.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

Since geographical location and distance from a particular radio station may affect signal reception, and because peoples' opinions tend to vary, go with a trusted brand like RCA or Sony. Or you can read reviews on the bizrate site. Then shop around for a retailer near you that sells a particular brand that interests you from there.


Answer by  mandown (416)

By far the best portable radio is the Pure ONE flow because it has great reception, amazing sound quality, and is covered with this rubber like material which makes it rather durable. It even has the ability to use internet radio so even if your reception isn't that great you can use the internet aspect.


Answer by  bbrown37 (17)

I find myself being very bias about this question. For as long as I can remember I have used Sony products. My parents use them and my grandparents use them. For my honest opinion I would have to say Sony is the best maker of portable radios.


Answer by  hobominer (184)

I've always gotten really good reception from a small sony walkmans - although my brother's sanyo has fairly decent reception as well.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

I think without a doubt, Bose make the best radio. It is very expensive but totally worth the money. A CD player is also included.

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