Question by  Ellen87 (23)

Who makes the best 40 inch ranges?


Answer by  FarhanAnwar (29)

If you are asking about LED TVs, best bet is to go for SONY BRAVIA brand. They are the best when comes to image quality.


Answer by  jrbonell (62)

The european labels are the best ones, specially Teka and their electrostatic models. They have models in about any size, the price is right and the looks are outstandig, specially if your house style is modern


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

Based off of reviews. the company that makes the best 40 inch ranges would be Frigidare. Considering the reviews placed on ranges, it is safe to assume that Frigidare makes the best ones. There are other brands like Avanti and Imperial that make decent ranges, but Frigidare makes the best ones thus far.

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