Question by  jjjj (13)

Who makes a good electric meat tenderizer?


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

There are a couple of different companies who make good electric meat tenderizers for sale, but Lem and Merkel are some of the best brands.


Answer by  unseen (150)

The Biro Pro-9 Meat Tenderizer is among the best because you only have to pass your meat through twice and it comes with other attachments.


Answer by  JDBIII (222)

If one is looking for a good electric meat tenderizer then read futher. There a lot of electric meat tenderizers on the market. The product gained popularity in the 1950s and peaked by 1974. Now-a-days there are only a few left. But a good electric meat is made by GE.


Answer by  ARichard (138)

I find that good strong stainless steel blades and removable stripper blades which keep the meat from wrapping around the rollers are always a plus. In addition get one coated with a nylon base as this tends to lessen bacteria growth.

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