Question by  wrestler88 (192)

Which types of milk contain casein?

I'm interesting in the casein content in the milk of goats, cows, humans, etc.


Answer by  deram (45)

Casein accounts for nearly 20% of proteins in cow milk and cheese. Goat's milk: a little more proteins than cow's milk, which casein protein accounted for 75%, α-S1 casein total protein 1%-3%, β-lactoglobulin content is less than cow's milk.


Answer by  lasagnalover (126)

Casein is a salt, and contained in all forms of milk products. Cow's milk has the highest concentration of casein. Goat milk, buffalo milk and human milk all contain casein in various amounts. Human milk contains more whey than casein. Casein is also called many other names, be sure to research label ingrediants.

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