Question by  LisaEaston (8)

Which state has a low cost of living?

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Answer by  Ella22 (610)

Tennessee has a very low cost of living. The housing market is low cost and its value has remained fairly constant. The city, county, and realestate taxes are some of the lowest in the nation. The state does not have an income tax.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

According to the 2nd quarter, 2010 cost of living information, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri are the top five in their lowest cost of living tally.


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

One of the lowest cost of living states is Kansas or Nebraska. This is because there is nothing to do there and it can be a lot of farm land. Any state with a lot of farm land that is not near a coast has a low cost of living.


Answer by  jude11 (499)

I would say that States such as North Carolina, as well as most in the midwest has a low cost of living while still enabling you to lead a satisfying life.

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