Question by  msdee (24)

Which is better as a pet: Rats or guinea pigs?


Answer by  MikeDenning (50)

Rats are by far a better pet than guinea pigs. Rats are more fun to play with and they learn from you. The intelligence of the rats make them better pets as they interact with you more than guinea pigs.


Answer by  A36 (629)

Guinea pigs, because they are larger and more cuddly. Also, usually people are less scared of them. Their upkeep is about equivalent.


Answer by  Tina12 (112)

Rats have a tendency to bite more than guinea pigs. Guinea pigs make better pets, and are more fluffy and cuddly than a rat. They are also cleaner animals, and can live inside or outside in a cage. I think the best choice for a child's first pet would be a guinea pig.


Answer by  ash14 (20)

Rats are better if you want an energetic pet. Guinea pigs are better if you want a pet that's more laid back.

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