Question by  Kevin45 (17)

Which is a better honeymoon spot, Montego Bay or Negril?

My fiance and I are having a hard time selecting where to go for our Honeymoon.


Answer by  kandy (24)

I would say Montego Bay. It is a beautiful place with amazing weather most of the year and the views on the bay are amazing. The hotels are mostly okay, I would suggest getting a hotel that has a balcony with a view to the amazing waters. This is mostly why I would recommend Montego Bay, it's simply beautiful.


Answer by  lila84 (17)

Montego Bay would be a much better choice since these types of resorts specialize in things like honeymoon packages. It seems much more romantic and its also very secluded.


Answer by  tbk (257)

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Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

If you looking for an all-inclusive vacation then I would check out Montego Bay since they have a lot of honeymoon packages for an affordable price. Negril is smaller and more secluded if you are looking for something more romantic.


Answer by  tatataterri (203)

It is better to stay in Negril because of its beautiful beaches. You can go to go Montego Bay for shopping during the day.


Answer by  alejandropro (92)

I couldn't tell you about Negril, but we went to Montego Bay on ours a couple of years ago and we had a really nice time. The place is just lovely, and the weather really welcomes you. Plus, we'd had some great references of it.

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