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Question by  Emtb (33)

Where is Feebas in Pokemon Pearl?

I am having a hard time finding Feebas.


Answer by  Eagle20945 (7)

Feebas is located in the water located in the basement of t. Coronet. He is in 4 random squares that move each day. Try the corners of the water.


Answer by  feebasfinder (9)

Feebas is found on Mount Coronet by fishing in four specific spots with the Super Rod. These are four unique tiles that change daily, so trying to find a Feebas with a specific nature can be quite difficult! Slowly check each tile in the Coronet Range Water area many times with the Super Rod.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

You need to go to the basement of Mt. Coronet. You'll need to fish, your best options are the good rod and the super rod. They change spots periodically, so if your having trouble finding them try waiting a day and then doing it again.


Answer by  SirThinkALot (23)

Go to the basement of Mt. Coronet and fish in the water using a Good/Super Rod. Feebas can be found in any of the four random tiles (they change each day). The odds of finding Feebas if you find one of those random tiles is 80%. I recommend trying the 4 corners of the pool.


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

Feebas is on route 119. Just check the fishing spots around the routes. You will eventually encounter one of them. There is no exact fishing spot to go to because that is randomly generated.


Answer by  kh860 (91)

Feebas is found by going to Mt. Coronet and fishing in the water with a good or super rod, he is found in one of four tiles which change daily, mostly in the corners of the water.

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