Question by  loplop (1)

Where do you find glowing quartz on Sims castaway for DS?


Answer by  thekatie926 (26)

The glowing quartz in Sims Castaway for Nintendo DS is very close to Ms. Wheeder's shelter. You will have to dig outside next to the decorating rock. In addition to the glowing quartz, you will also find several common items. Keep digging and eventually you will find the glowing quartz.


Answer by  AnnaMarie20 (6)

You'll dig for it in Weeders garden near a rock. Your going to find a bunch of stuff there so keep digging until you get the glowing quartz.


Answer by  curtangel (138)

By Mrs. Weeder's shelter. Look for the decorative rock and dig there. It might take a while to get to it, and you will probably find a few other things before you find it.

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