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Question by  Kath (1537)

Where do I get dental flags for outside my office?


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

There are different catalogs for ordering office supplies and dental supplies and you might look in one of those. Usually in the back of the catalog they will have office stuff and there might be one in there.


Answer by  sanoshin (71)

You can get dental flags from stock photos and images websites. You can search for stock photos on Google or any search engine. You can also get them from this address: PO box 640, Wilbraham, MA 01095-0640, Toll free (800) 890-7272, Phone:(413) 596-2495, Fax (413) 596-8999.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

In just a quick search I found many diverse, attractive and even humorous flags online at great prices. You can check for local companies that do marketing accessories, or even seek out a good local seamstress who can do these in different types, exactly to your requirements, at a very affordable price.


Answer by  jessicat1982 (162)

You can get the flags from different office supplies and dental supplies online, I would also suggest looking in the yellow pages as this could also have some supply company listings.


Answer by  shyjugrace (27)

You can search in the website about dental flags. These designers design the flags for all newly opening Dental clinics and they come to your home and can show albums about there famous designs.

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