Question by  Ziggy50 (34)

Where can I find out about new reggae songs and new reggae artists?

I used to work in a music store and keep up, but I'm really out of the loop now.


Answer by  DustinC (7)

There are a few good websites out there. The best one I can personally think of is Billboard. It actually has the top hits and also shows up and coming artists as well. Another good one is rrrmusic, it also has other types of reggae as well!


Answer by  Laurie21 (90)

Visit your local record store, tune in to a radio station that plays reggae, or check what's new on the internet using iTunes or YouTube.


Answer by  dewittwhitley (213)

There are many sites, blogs and other resources out there online trying to keep up with music now. Any kind of music news site or blog will keep you up to date on artist. If you look on a search engine and type in what you want to know about reggae you will find what you need.


Answer by  CLEV (405)

Go to music sites and especially indie record stores. They are always ahead of the curve. Also, check out new music and releases by established artists, like Linton Kwesi Johnson.

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