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Question by  Jaime (34)

Where can I find dread lock cream?

I need cream for my dreadlocks.


Answer by  Bob4260 (88)

You can start by going to local beauty supply stores, especially those to cater to African American clients. Sally Beauty might have them as well, and they are a chain with locations all over the USA.


Answer by  vkstr (66)

Look for a beauty supply store in your area, like Sally Hansen. Look in the yellow pages or search on the Internet.


Answer by  punkangel690 (21)

I believe hair wax is a number one selling dread lock cream which can be bought in your local walgreens, or maybe even hair salons. If you have purchased hair wax products previously and did not like that product you can also purchase dread comb dread lock cream.

Reply by Elipaws (33):
maybe you meant hair salons, or maybe even walgreens. much more probable to find it at a hair salon than at walgreens.  add a comment
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