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Question by  stephanie (20)

When do people stop growing taller?


Answer by  pyritejenny (347)

In general, people stop growing at the end of puberty, when they are sexually mature. Growth in height happens mostly at the ends of the long bones of the legs. Areas at each end of these bones produce cartilage cells that are eventually converted to bone. When these cells stop being produced, growth stops.


Answer by  griffinej5 (49)

People generally stop growing taller after puberty, and this may range from 13 to 21 years old. This generally occurs earlier for females than males.


Answer by  jackie (276)

Generally, by the early 20s at the latest. Some diseases or genetic conditions can lengthen this period, though -- and some people stop growing by their late teens.


Answer by  Anonymous

When you reach the end of puberty. Which, is not something you can put your finger on. It varies greatly among different people. Gender, ethnicity, genes, health and diet all play a part.


Answer by  Anonymous

ppl usually are grown fully at age 22! your brain is developed and u usually reach u'r hight for sure their. :)

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