Question by  sillymomof2 (26)

What's the best thing on Joe's Crab Shack menu?


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Having eaten at Joe's several times, I would have to say the crab cakes are my favorite. My second options would be the steamer pot. Either way, start with the crab nachos for a unique starter.


Answer by  larrystate (129)

For an appetizer, I'd go with crab nachos. The flavors are an interesting mix. For a main meal, I like the Crab Cake Dinner. If you're looking for a crab pot, I'd pick the Bean Town Bake. Then a Sea Turtle Sundae to finish it all off.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

That's a question everybody gets to answer for themselves. I like the steamer pots because you get a bit of everything, but everybody has a favorite.


Answer by  cinnamon01 (30)

The garlic herb king crab in a bucket was the best I have eaten. It comes with corn on the cob, it's juicy and delious.

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