Question by  spankys28 (38)

What's the best OTC medicine for psoriasis?

How about Dermarest?


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

Lotions that hydrate and moisturize the psoriasis are great. Generally, bad psoriasis must be treated with prescription medication so do not get upset if OTC medicine does not work.


Answer by  daintysabrina (148)

Dermarest works fairly well if you're looking for a quick fix. A cheap alternative is using anti-dandruff shampoo as body was on those areas. It works wonders!


Answer by  doll (119)

Stop eating white foods, i.e. sugar, flour, rice. Skin is our largest organ and a poor diet shows up in the skin. Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables.


Answer by  Mariana39 (440)

You'll probably need a combination of several treatments, such as hydrocortisone creams (Cortaid, Lanacort), antihistamines (Dermarest), moisturizers, creams that contain aloe extract and menthol sprays to aleviate itching.

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