Question by  Rebecca1322 (17)

Whats; the best four wheeler atv?


Answer by  JimVanderswan (22)

The Yamaha Raptor 90 is probably the best. Its comfortable and easy to ride and its fast. Its great for jamming down trails.


Answer by  DOB (14)

I think the best 4-wheeler/atv is the John Deere Gator XUV 620. I worked for the Urban Parks Department all of last Summer spending a great deal of time driving one. They can handle pretty much ANYTHING!


Answer by  zackgm (45)

Honda makes the best 4-wheeler all around. Honda engines are very reliable and run forever. They make lots of power. And their atv's handle good.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

After researching the atvs. I believe the John Deere Gator XUV 620 is the best.The John Deere is able to to go through the rough terrein, and can climbs rocks, hills. This atv can do just about anything you want it to do.


Answer by  pergopancho (15)

I personally think that the best types of four wheeler atv's out there are the honda's. They will never break on you and they are endless fun.

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