Question by  Gus10 (10)

What's a good chore list for children?

What chore is right for which age?


Answer by  mascota (639)

From a very early age children can be encouraged to tidy away their toys. Older kids (8 plus) can take the rubbish out. 12 plus could clean the car.


Answer by  tammyshana (88)

Making up beads, vacumming and taking out trash are good chores for children. Children who are between the ages of 5- 10 could do these easy chores. For older children, washing dishes wiping tables and coutertops, sweeping floors any cleanig up the family room are good chores. Children of any age can be responsible for keeping their rooms clean.


Answer by  RaisingAble (25)

First chore as toddler: push wet laundry into dryer. Last chore as 21 year old: paint exterior of house with parents. Everything else in between, with NO pay other than room & board. Chores teach self-discipline. They let parents retire as house servants! My book "Raising Able" is about chores.

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