Question by  Rua (14)

What would you recommend as a professional video editing software?


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

There are many video editing solutions available; for ease of use, try Pinnacle Studio; for more advanced users, try Adobe Premiere; for expert users, try Sony Vegas. Of course, you can always resort to unspecialized software such as Ulead video editor. Do not expect great results in this case, however.


Answer by  XavierG (21)

For Windows users, the Avid Suite or Adobe Premiere Pro are very common in the industry. As for Mac users, Final Cut Pro is the obvious best choice.


Answer by  kailyn (31)

I am a Final Cut Pro fan. It's easy to learn and use and simple to master the interface. As far as a profession in the film business and a video editor, Avid is an industry standard. However, it is a bit more difficult. My suggestion is to start with FCP and ease into Avid. Avid looks great with resumes.


Answer by  DeMarkus (69)

Final Cut Pro is very good and the best is Avid software- but that costs a lot and requires a high end system.


Answer by  NinjaGuardian (89)

Sony Vegas 9 would nice. You can pick right edition your need, cheap as 39,95 USD version that you could write DVD disc and even make Youtube videos directly on software. Pay more and get Surround options and more. Also you can use other Sony software on your project.

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