Question by  Otto (45)

What would I find as the key fashion elements of 1940s vintage wedding dresses?

I am doing the costumes for a play set in the 1940s.


Answer by  fashionista17 (17)

The key fashion elements of this period of time in the fashion industry are: the lace, small buttons on the front, the silk,a high neck, and the dress shows women silhouette.They look outstanding, very nice and with a good grace, very daintily and feminine. My grandmother has dress like that at home and it looks very romantic


Answer by  sue58 (17)

1940s silhouettes: broad shoulders, demure bust line, rolled hair, accent color deep and rich, not pastel or bright - almost military in shape, which was the style of the 1940s. Women's figures were not exaggerated in the 1940s, slim and somewhat straight with broad shoulders is what comes to mind with 40s fashion.

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