Question by  gopi (11)

What were the best games of Alekhine?

He plays chess.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

Alexander Alekhine played a number of notable games in his career. His game against Efim Bogoljubov is considered to be one of the greatest ever played. Alekhine displayed an amazing twelve move combination to win a knight in his match against Richard Reti, and his match with Jose Capablanca resulted in four queens on the board at once.


Answer by  cyanex (51)

Bogolyubov - A. Alekhine; Hastings / 1922 and Reti - A. Alekhine; Baden-Baden / 1925. This was Alekhine considered two best games in his Chess History. Although there are lots of GM ( GrandMAster) in chess that he battled during his time.

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