Question by  Amom (701)

What were ancient Greek people like?

What was their social life like?


Answer by  Hammy (244)

Men and women had very separate lives. Men worked outside the home farming if they were peasants and as businessmen or scholars if they were more wealthy. Men would socialize together at meetings to discuss politics and trade while women mostly stayed in the house working and occasionally visiting with the wives of their husband's friends.


Answer by  danr (93)

In ancient Greece, society was split between the elite ruling class and their subjects and slaves. However, the upper ranks of society participated in a vibrant democratic government. Ancient Greece was home to great thinkers and philosophers who we read today, the Olympic games were invented there, and literature from the era is still widely read.


Answer by  Zephyrstar (17)

In Greek Social life their was the free people and the slaves. Slaves often were prisoners of war, but some were bought from slave traders. Social classes were set up so that the husband social status determined what their wife's status was.

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