Question by  Dorothy69 (29)

What was the most profitable of England's colonies?


Answer by  Alexios (161)

The most profitable British Colonies during the 1700s were in the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Jamaica. The most profitable of the 13 Colonies were South Carolina, followed by Virginia and Georgia. Later, India would overtake Caribbean colonies as the most profitable, but not until the 1800s.


Answer by  vishnusayyanattu (12)

I think India has been the most profitable colony of British Empire . British had made a lot of profit by ruling the region which included present day India , Pakistan and Bangladesh and they have collected immense wealth by collecting and selling Indian goods in the foreign market .


Answer by  benwandel (15)

The Southern Colonies claimed the most profit due to the large amount of agriculture and boom of exportation of cotton to Europe.

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