dental care


Question by  Diyer (21)

What tooth whitener works really well?


Answer by  roger (199)

The best is tatarinzer. It is mostly available in all the states and It also removes the tartar formation over the gums. I would personally recommend you that. You have to apply twice daily.


Answer by  sc773 (79)

They all do the same thing. It comes down to how QUICK you want it and how EASY you want it. Three categories, UV/hygiene/Strips. As far as strips, they have basically the same active ingredients. UV/Dentist whitening will be faster. Other methods are more over time.


Answer by  Rebeccaz (23)

I have found that instead of buying expensive teeth whiteners, that using baking soda works just as well! Just sprinkle some on your toothbrush add a little water and watch your teeth get whiter!


Answer by  hugginz (22)

A tooth whitener that works really well was the Crest White Strips. I saw a big difference in my tooth color. I have also used the whitening listerine which also worked well

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