Question by  springc (51)

What tips can you give me for winning at Eight Ball?

I've been playing for a few years, never won!


Answer by  Zanne (45)

When you are practicing, set up the shots that you tend to miss. Practice making those particular shots and then practice some more. Eventually, you will make them with ease.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

Remember that Eight Ball is all about angles and geometry. Line your ball up with others accordingly. Or, try to get your balls to one side and make short shots!


Answer by  Gregory06 (16)

After the initial break and upon your first turn, scope the table and attempt to knock in the solid or stripes based on the aggregate types proximity to the pockets. Obviously select whether or not to be stars or stripes based upon which are closer to the holes to make the shots easier for you.


Answer by  Hurricanejerry (16)

The best way to win is not to let your opponent get a shot. Make your shot and set up your next. Run the table. It takes practice.

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