Question by  Seela (17)

What tips can you give me for beginner body building?


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Light weights and more reps helps you to burn fat. Heavy weights with fewer reps builds strength and mass. Remember to alternate between the two so that you will burn fat and alternately build mass.


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

Don't skip workouts, alternate workout days and rest days, don't overwork yourself, be confident, don't expect immediate results and keep at it.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

As far as beginner bodybuilding, you should keep your routine simple. Workout 3-5 days a week. Get eight hours of sleep a night, and eat as much as possible.


Answer by  beck (1099)

Work at this slowly, building up, eating well and find a routine that you actually enjoy. You don't have to spend a lot on expensive equipment to start with.

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